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At HPR®, Precision is our middle name. At the factory, we take extraordinary measures to ensure consistency and accuracy in the manufacturing process. Let’s face it, precision throughout the manufacturing process makes for accuracy downrange, where it matters most.

TMJ (Total Metal Jacket) projectiles have a copper jacket that completely surrounds the lead core, as opposed to a Full Metal Jacket that leaves the lead core exposed inside the casing. By not exposing the lead core to burning powder, the TMJ projectiles will release less lead vapor into the air.

Our proprietary HyperClean technology is, well, proprietary. We employ clean burning powders and primers in every round. We even take additional steps throughout the process to make sure you have the cleanest shooting experience possible. You benefit by getting to shoot more and clean less.

Payson is a rural community in the heart of the White Mountains of Arizona. Payson is predominantly an outdoorsman town with an abundance of hunting and fishing nearby. Its 5,000-foot elevation and mild winters are perfect for year-round activities. And it’s just over an hour to the Phoenix metro area.

Range owners’ love HPR® because it’s clean burning and reduces airborne lead contamination, and range officers spend less time with cycling problems, which lets them turn customers faster for higher profits. But don’t be confused. The “Range” in HPR® does not stand for “shooting range” but instead for “down-range.” Whether punching paper indoors, shooting MOA groups at 1,000 yards, tying your tag to the trophy of a lifetime in the wild, or neutralizing an imminent threat at home, what occurs down-range is what matters most. And our focus on precision starts at the top – the founders of the company include a former U.S. Navy pilot, an aeronautical engineer who worked on the F-22 Raptor fighter jet’s propulsion system, and shooting aficionados. One of the world’s best pistol shooters, Matt McLearn, is the load development subject matter expert. Being precise is a way of life for us and we’re confident you’ll notice the HPR® difference.

Custom Hand Load Performance at Competitive Prices – HPR® Ammo is not your ordinary round. Our “custom hand load performance” philosophy permeates every (from thought process to finished product) load we make. And our Load-specific development, where we develop each caliber differently, affords HPR® shooters a truly unique experience. Each round is meticulously engineered to the exacting standards of champion shooters and perfected by our ballisticians. Throughout production, each lot is sampled, measured and test fired to ensure consistency and accuracy within HPR® precision protocols. Every round is chamber gauged and hand inspected by U.S. citizens to ensure only the finest products ever make it into your firearm. Be confident recommending HPR® to your customers because it offers them the confidence to dominate downrange.

In the unlikely event that you have a problem, go to our Support Page.

Our products are sold to national mass merchant chains, like Cabela’s, Academy, Sportsman's Warehouse, as well as directly to some of the largest independent stores in the country. We also sell to the largest two-step distributors who serve virtually all the sporting goods/gun stores in the country. To find a dealer near you, click the dealer locator in the upper right corner. If your dealer isn’t listed, call them directly and ask if they can get you HPR Ammunition.

Sorry, but we are only able to sell to dealers. Click the dealer locator in the upper right corner to find one near you.

We are not set up to ship to individuals. However, we believe in supporting the members of our military forces who put or have put their lives on the line for our freedoms. For this reason, HPR has aligned with a third party vendor to offer such military discounts on ammunition. Go to www.promotive.com and follow the instructions to join.

As an innovative and rapidly growing US based ammunition manufacturer, we are always on the lookout for the best talent we can find. If you believe you qualify to join our team, please check out our Careers page and fill out an application. Any positions we are recruiting for will be listed there.

All our pistol cartridges are loaded in new HPR brass that is manufactured to our strict quality protocols to maintain accuracy. We make some rifle cartridges in both new and remanufactured brass, mainly .223. You can tell the difference because our factory processed brass products have a gold background label with a “-R” at the end of the part # (ie: 223055FMJ-R). Our new brass offerings will have a black label background and will not feature the “-R” at the end of the part number.

BlackOps® by HPR Ammunition is a new line of home defense ammunition that has devastating terminal performance, designed to create mass force trauma. Learn more here.

Yes. EMCON® can be used without a suppressor, but it was designed specifically for suppressed use. This means it was specially formulated to drop decibels and to keep your cans clean. Many females and younger shooters choose EMCON® for unsuppressed shooting precisely because it is subsonic and slower in velocity, making it a great choice for shooters looking for minimal recoil.

As a SAAMI (Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute) member company and in compliance with industry standards, HPR publishes data for ammunition derived from testing utilizing SAAMI specification test barrels. SAAMI specifies certain barrel lengths for certain cartridges as well as minimum and maximum chamber sizes. For example, most rifle test barrels are 24 inches in length per SAAMI. Many rifles on the market have different barrel lengths. Unfortunately, due to differences in individual firearm chambers and / or barrels, there may be variations in velocity from what is published by HPR (either faster OR slower).

To accurately determine the velocity of our ammunition in a shorter barrel than SAAMI guidelines, the load must be chronographed. As a general rule of thumb, velocity changes are typically between 30-35 fps per inch of barrel difference. Because it is an approximation, there may be outliers and the changes may be greater or less depending on the load and the gun.

It All Started With A Passion For Precision.

When an aeronautical engineer who helped design the propulsion system for the F-22 Raptor, dubbed “the most advanced fighter jet in the world,” decides to manufacture ammunition, you can be certain that precision and safety protocols are exemplary by design. At HPR, we perform all the extra steps, research and testing necessary to ensure that only the finest ammunition makes it into your magazine.
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