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"For roughly two years now, I've been hell-bent on buying absolutely nothing but ...HPR ammo! It's my ammo of choice, as I have had zero issues and have been thoroughly impressed..." [Continue] Thomas Walsh
"...I am very impressed with the quality of your ammo and love the fact it is entirely made in the USA!!!! ...it is a great price and great to shoot!" [Continue] Craig Langenfeld
"Thank you for producing the best 10mm hollow point ammo I have ever had the pleasure to shoot. Keep up the good work. I am telling anyone who will listen how great HPR Ammunition is..." [Continue] Christopher M. Smith
"...I am very impressed and pleased with the ammunition. I already recommended HPR to 10 people and hope to be able to purchase more very soon. [Continue]

Darryl Goodwin
"HPR's EMCON 9mm TMJ 147 Gr. Subsonic Ammo runs great with my 9mm Osprey Suppressor, compared to the many other brands, type, and grain that I have used in the past..." [Continue] Frank N Semper Fi
"Wow, just shot 150 rounds and yours shoot much better than hornadays!" Debbie Z.
"I shot one of my best scores with HPR ammunition... Had several people ask me about the HPR thing so keep making more!" [Continue] Rick M
"I purchased a 50rd box of your 124gr 9mm ammo today and took it to the range. My Glock 19 absolutely ate it up! Very accurate ammo!!! It's the next best kept secret!" Jim Rosensteel
"...I was very impressed firing 50 rounds of the HPR 380 auto 90 grain JHP with great accuracy and zero malfunctions. I am telling everyone about your products!" [Continue] Karl Bossi Lt Colonel USAF (RET)
"As Wounded combat veteran, I appreciate that your ammo is made in the US. Not only is it made here, it seems to surpass the quality standards I've seen from other manufacturers..." [Continue] Mike Mednansky
"...Right out of the box we were amazed at how clean HPR was compared to Federal and Winchesters mil surplus loads... [Continue] Capt J. Patrick Hylant USMC
"Your 9mm ammo shot great! And super clean. I will be getting my hands on some more every chance I get!" Sean
"I am a law enforcement officer and love the quality of your ammunition! Thanks for making such a great product." "Steady Sniper"
"Love the ammo. Love the AMERICAN MADE!! keep it up!" Ted Butler
"I used your ammo in my AR when I first bought it and was amazed with the results... I keep a detailed record of my target groups and by far HPR was the best." [Continue] Paul Strawderman
Experience tremendous accuracy and terminal performance in HPR’s entire rifle lineup. Whether you are shooting hogs from a helicopter in Texas, hunting game, or just out to have some fun, you’ll be impressed with HPR’s consistency and accuracy.

Rifle 223 Rem

62gr Full Metal Jacket

HPR designed this load for the lowest extreme spreads possible to create maximum consistency and solid velocities and flatter trajectories at distance.

Ballistic Data
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New HPR Brass
Mzl Velocity (fps)
100yd Vel (fps)
300yd Vel (fps)
Mzl Energy (ft.lb)
100yd NRG (ft.lb)
300yd NRG (ft.lb)
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HPR Ammunition .45 Auto
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